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Sacred Pendulum

Sacred Pendulum

Deva Energy invites you to enhance your spiritual guidence with a unique one of a kind crystal pendulum. By working with Spirit through a pendulum, you can enrich your life in many ways.


This is a simple way to understand and incorporate into communicating with your guides, opening a greater awareness of who you are. Channeling is the Love of God & Spirit, the connection to our higher self, the sacred benevolant connection to home and loved ones.


The pendulum is a tool and extention of what is called "Intelligent Human Cellular Structure". It is your body and soul connected to a interdimensional level to everything as a extension of your intution. The pendulum gives you information from your subconscious mind and from your spirit guides and angels.


Whats Included:

- Custom designed crystal chain that consist of a focal crystal (middle)         and finishing piece (end) approximately 8' in length

- 2 pendulum tips to interchange or replace

- Carrying bag


Kathy meditates and channels the Archangels to create a pendulum to match your energy and to help you elevate your vibration and experience.  She encourages her clients to express any specific crystals or colors they would like to be included in their personal design.




    Free Shipping: Sent through USPS first class.


Refund Policy

Private Appointments and Designs

All payments for readings, coaching sessions, events and custom artwork are 100% Non-Refundable.  Any and all services must be redeemed within one year from the original transaction or the session, service and/or product are forfeited. Each client receives one free rescheduling before the session fees are forfeited altogether.  To reschedule, you must do so prior to 24 hours before your session begins or your payment and one time complimentary rescheduling will be forfeited. To reschedule simply send a email to

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