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About Kathy

Hello, lovely souls. I'm Kathy Williams, and I'm here to share my journey with
you. Since my youth, I've had a unique connection with the world beyond,
communicating with souls who have crossed over. Throughout the past 35
years, I've embraced and honed this gift, learning to trust in the whispers of
the universe guiding me along the way.
My path has been one of exploration, blending my intuitive insights with a
deep understanding of psychology and human behavior. For the last three
decades, I've dedicated myself to helping others break free from the chains of
self-limiting beliefs and societal norms, guiding them toward a life of
authenticity and purpose.
But it's not just about the mind; it's about the soul. My journey led me to
discover the healing qualities of crystals known as Deva Energy, which I've woven
into my work as an artist, creating pieces that resonate with your unique
As a psychic medium, I offer readings for my clients and educate them on
how to open up to their spiritual gifts. That’s what motivated me to write my
book “Becoming You, Opening to Spirit” where I provide foundational
information for those who are interested in uncovering, awakening, and
developing their psychic capabilities.
Through my transformational coaching, and mental health practice, I've
witnessed the incredible resilience of the human spirit. My heart swells with
gratitude as I witness my clients tap into their inner power, manifesting their
dreams into reality and stepping into their true essence.
Today, I look forward to the future as I continue to spread healing and light to
the world, guiding others to embrace their spiritual gifts and liberate them
from the shackles of convention. There is a journey of self-discovery, empowerment,
and limitless possibilities, and I’m here to help you find it.

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