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Transformational Coaching

Deva Energy was born as a gateway for individuals like you to experience the power of  transformational coaching firsthand. My inspirational approach is meant to guide you toward your truest self through a blend of spiritual wisdom and psychological insights that will promote inner peace and profound personal growth in your life.

I’m here to guide and empower you on your healing journey, so you can finally break free from self-limiting beliefs, embrace your authentic nature, and become the protagonist of your own life story.


Kathy Williams

Buddha Statue

Transformational Coaching


Deva Energy Designs

Refund Policy

Private Appointments and Designs

All payments for readings, coaching sessions, events, and custom artwork are 100% Non-Refundable.  Any and all services must be redeemed within one year from the original transaction or the session, service and/or product are forfeited. Each client receives one free rescheduling before the session fees are forfeited altogether.  To reschedule, you must do so prior to 24 hours before your session begins or your payment and one-time complimentary rescheduling will be forfeited. To reschedule simply send an email to

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